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Aside from sports betting, the bulk of bets made in the market focus on auto racing. The inspiration for betting are simple games and results, yet betting on auto racing is focused on the results of a race between vehicles. Although auto races involve a number of cars racing to reach the finish line in the fastest time, the kinds of bets involved in this kind of betting are completely different. Due to the complexity of the betting market, it is important to firstly understand the market and the kinds of bets available in auto racing.

Categories of Auto Racing

There are different categories of auto racing available, including production car racing, touring car racing and sports car racing. The most popular among these categories is Formula Racing, including Formula 1 and stock car races, represented by NASCAR. Formula 1 races are by far the most popular, perhaps due to the overall expense of the races, which include the Monaco Grand Prix, and makes them seem more exclusive. The competition takes place in many different exciting parts of the world. Betting means predicting which team will win the championship, which driver will take the pole position, or who will register the fastest lap.

In North America, particularly in the United States, the most popular is stock car racing. The primary organization that handles stock car racing in the region is the National Association for Stock Car Auto Racing or NASCAR. The vehicles may seem to be ordinary-looking production cars, but they are built to exact specifications for the drivers to compete on an oval track.

Bets for NASCAR, Formula 1

Each category of racing may come with specific betting types. In NASCAR, two popular bets are driver match bets and proposition bets. In driver match bet, you are simply making a bet to predict who wins in the race. It is important that you are aware of the latest odds that are published about the driver. The odds can help you understand the betting environment and can help you pick a winner. Another type of bet in NASCAR is a proposition bet, which means you are betting on any potential outcome of the race. For example, you will bet on how many cars will complete in the race, or how many cars will crash out.

For Formula 1, the betting markets include the overall winner, the Grand Prix winner, fastest lap, driver’s championship and the pole position.

Other Strategies to Keep in Mind When Betting

For in-play racing, it is recommended that you have access to information, trends and statistics, so that you can confidently place your bets, or change when necessary. Additionally, check the official F1 website or similar websites to gain insider tips and real time data, which can help you make informed bets. Also, do not rely on rumors and press releases you read online. Depend on tested and quantifiable data when weighing your options and assessing your potential bets.

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