Betting tips for Baseball

Baseball Matches and Money

Baseball is a popular sport globally, but when it comes to betting on baseball, one may discover a different story. It seems that betting on baseball is not as popular, and it usually takes a backseat to common sports betting like auto racing, football, tennis and basketball. The level of popularity for baseball betting may never eclipse that of football or basketball, but there is no denying the fact that betting on this sport can also become an exciting and enriching experience. Below follow some tips on how you can maximize your baseball bets.

Money Line in Baseball

When betting in baseball, you will come across the concept of a ‘money line’. The money line will define the amount of money wagered and won on both the underdog and the favourite. There are two numbers in the money line: the highest negative and lowest negative number. The highest negative number refers to the favoured team’s probability of winning, and the lowest negative number on the line points to the underdog. In most cases, you will have a negative number in the money line, suggesting a favoured team, and a positive number that points to the underdog. Usually, these money lines for baseball are anchored on a $100 bet.

For example, say the Cardinals and the Blue Jays are playing, and the Cardinals were considered the favourites. Bettors may see the money line displayed as: Cardinals -140 Blue Jays +120. Using this example, if you want to put your money on the favourite, you are going to put up $140, and a win by the favoured team means that you will earn $240 for a $100 profit. However, if you decide to put your money on the underdog, your bet is $100, and a win means you get $220.

Strategy for Using the Money Line

You need to understand the odds appropriately if you want to place a winning baseball bet. The trick here is to be disciplined, and avoid all-out bets on the favourites. Sure, there is a reason why the team is a favourite, but you need to make a sensible choice. It does not mean that you should always bet on the underdog. Yet, following a basic rule in money line betting is not to back a favourite with a money line exceeding -160.

Check Who’s Playing

Do not just rely on the name and reputation of the team when betting on baseball. Research and due diligence are required when you want to make an informed bet. Make it a habit to conduct research and know which players will form part of the starting line-up of the team. There are times when the star players of the baseball team will be given a rest, thus, it will put the team and your wager at a disadvantage.

Consider these tricks when betting on baseball. Just like in other sports: markets, research and due diligence are required when it comes to betting.



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