Betting tips for UFC / Martial Arts

How to Fight Your Way to UFC and Mixed Martial Arts Betting Success

Mixed martial arts as a sport is gaining ground in different parts of the world, North America especially. Based in the United States, the Ultimate Fighting Championship, or ‘UFC’, has positioned itself as the premier organization, hosting mixed martial arts competitions professionally. In fact, according to some experts, mixed martial arts or ‘MMA’ is now the fastest growing sport in the world. It takes influences from a number of martial arts and Olympic sports, including wrestling, judo and boxing. The combination of these sports makes MMA an exciting sport to watch. Although there are many organizations that host mixed martial arts, UFC is considered the biggest, and the bulk of the martial arts bets are focused on UFC. This means that if you have an interest in betting, you should understand the kinds of bets available for UFC and any strategies that can assist you.

Money line or Match Bet as the Most Popular Bets

‘Match Bet’, or the money line, is the basic bet you can make in MMA or UFC. In money line, you simply choose the fighter who you think will win the match. To get the most out of this bet, you need to understand how the odds work. There are a number of specialty websites that list down the current odds for each match. Some websites even list down their predictions on who will win the match. This information is essential to help you make a winning bet.

Types of Bets Available in MMA/UFC

Aside from the popular money line, you can also consider an over/under bet, round betting, the method of victory and proposition bets. In the over/under bet, the bookmaker will announce a round total, and participants will wager on whether the MMA fight will last longer than the identified total. In short, you are making a bet if the match will last the full length or not. A variation of this kind of bet is round betting, or a bet on what round the match will end. Some bookmakers will allow a bettor to place a wager on a fighter, and at what round this fighter will win.

If you want to be technical on your bets, you can choose a method of victory bet. Here, you are making a bet on the potential end of a match, whether the match will end in points or in KO. Another popular bet that you should know is a proposition or ‘Prop Bet’. Sometimes, UFC will end up giving ‘Submission of the Night’ or ‘Fight of the Night’ awards, and you can bet who will win these awards.

Do not forget to Regularly Check the Odds

Monitoring the odds can help you make informed selections in MMA. There are a number of online resources that can help you understand the odds and other match statistics to make a successful bet.

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